All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2020.

Studio 54

[spray paint and graffiti marker on vintage skateboards]



This collection features a series of skate deck portraits, commemorating the famous New York nightclub - Studio 54, located at 254 West 54th Street, between Eighth Avenue and Broadway in Midtown Manhattan.

An interrelated quintet of iconic artists were frequent patrons - Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean-michel Basquiat, Grace Jones and Debbie Harry.

"There were the beautiful people, the poseurs, the fantasists... It was about the mix of people, all in one place."
Grace Jones

"It's a dictatorship at the door and a democracy on the dance floor."
Andy Warhol


All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2020.

Panthera pardus

Spray paint and graffiti marker on recycled wood panels.
64 x 160cm

Panthera pardus is available to view at The Westbury, 57 Westbury Ave, Wood Green, London N22 6SA

All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2020.

Pride and the Peacock

Pride and the Peacock
(spray paint and graffiti marker)

Commissioned by North London residents Lena and Kashaff.
The national bird of India introduces a bold splash of colour to an urban side street in Tottenham.

Available to buy as a limited edition print.

All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2020.


DECONSTRUCTED REGENERATION subverts the idiom that pictures are worth a thousand words, by taking two simple phrases and forming a complete series of interrelated, texturally-rich artworks.

Understanding that the core practice of the client was linked to construction and spatial repurposing, James Straffon created some proxy recreation of that ideology - breaking down the pure essence of the engineered space - reducing this into abstract building blocks, cut from the negative spaces that the typographic landscape formed.

These planes of colour became the language by which the series evolved.

This body of work functions as a tapestry of inner and outer pieces, with the wireframe, closed-room pieces functioning as blueprints for the larger artworks which populate the more communal, public spaces - this two-way symbiosis lies at the heart of this body of work, where new life is formed through reinterpretation of existing space. Additional the artist strove to impart some sense of time, and urban exposure, through the use of multi-layers of gestural paint, combined with the vulnerability of the inner city wall-space and its acceptance of random expressionism, such as graffiti.

All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2020.

Coastal Chic

Coastal Chic

In association with Collen & Clare.

A special commission for a boutique store in Southwold, Suffolk.
Work on canvas, plus interior walls. Spray paint and graffiti marker.
Main artwork 300cm x 150cm.

The project included a limited production of unique Anchor Tattoo artworks.

All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2020.


From individual works on canvas to entertainment industry production campaigns, interior and exterior installations to audio-tech product launches, James Straffon has worked with a broad array of clients, creating well-researched, contextually specific artistic solutions. His ability to work closely and thoughtfully to release a project's potential has resulted in an expanding collection of unique artworks.

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Skateboard artwork of Kate Moss by artist James Straffon
Skateboard artwork of Keith Haring by artist James Straffon
Skateboard artwork of Patti Smith by artist James Straffon

All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2020.

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