Condor Purple

60 x 30 x 3cm. Acrylic and resin on canvas. £450.
Condor Cycles Monty Young

In celebration of an extraordinary contribution to British cycling, and Condor Cycles' founder Monty Young's 80th year, James Straffon created nine unique new works during autumn 2010.

Spanning beautiful hand-crafted frame lugs created by the highly esteemed and legendary cutter Bill Hurlow, original Condor head badges from the early frames of the 1950's, and erstwhile Condor Mackeson wool jerseys and shorts of yesteryear; this collection encapsulates a prodigious period in British cycling history.

Access to an individual, and idiosyncratic, archive of historical British cycling resulted in a body of work which, through scale and depth, renders the effects of trailblazing as dark sacrament. These pieces suggest the lost trails of the pioneer.
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