urban fauna prints You elegant fowl! - A tribute to Edward Lear. North London.
urban fauna prints Lepidoptera Londinium - A triptych of indigenous British moths and butterflies.
urban fauna prints Dalim - A special commission as epitaph to a beloved mother and grandmother, from Bangladesh.
urban fauna prints Frida y Diego - A commission bringing the vibrant culture of Mexico to north London.
urban fauna prints The Conspiracy - A family of ring-tailed lemurs overlook goings on in leafy north London.
urban fauna prints Let's Stay Together [The Mandarin] - a street art commission for Tottenham, London.
PRIDE - An epitaph to the England Women's Football Team, and their victory in the Euro2022 final.
A Rhino in The Herb Garden - An ecology project in association with North Harringay Primary School, London.
The Stamnore Mouflon - A proud Cypriot buck takes a stand on the corner of Stanmore Road, N15.
The Next Generation - A commission exploring the plight of Polar Bears, against the backdrop of climate change.
Mag - art, beers and laughs, on a double decker bus. London.
urban fauna prints Shanti - A painted Indian elephant blows flowers from her trunk in salutation to Mrs Patel.
urban fauna prints Warham Pettirosso - An urban robin broadcasts its song along the time-worn paving slabs of Haringey Passage.
Pride and the Peacock. - The national bird of India introduces a bold splash of colour to an urban side street in Tottenham.
urban fauna prints MERCY MERCY ME - A homage and endorsement of musician Marvin Gaye's environmentalist ideals.
urban fauna prints Sirdar Chit Chat - Three Chaffinches and a Sparrow start a conversation on a north London wall...
Spike - Tales from the hedgerow.
Tales from the river bank - A common kingfisher eyes the catch of the day from a perch in leafy north London.
Cultivated and Enriched by Art - A contemporary stained glass window, inspired by Suffolk-born landscape designer Humphry Repton.
urban fauna prints Kaptan June's bounty - A conservation project in support of the Kaptan June Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation, based in Dalyan, Turkey.
urban fauna prints Readings from The Barometer of Life - A contemporary tapestry, raising awareness for endangered species, climate change and the sixth mass extinction.
urban fauna prints 25 Market Place - A two-phase commemorative window installation for an east coast fashion boutique.
HARK - An urban art campaign commission for an east coast clothing boutique.
Mountain Dialogue - A special commission, exploring the work of Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai.
When The Fox met The Rooster. And Other Stories. - A special commission in partnership with The British Embassy, Luxembourg, celebrating the Tour de France.
An Objective Abstract - a special interior installation commissioned by Architecture and Design practice Coppin Dockray, invoking the work Kazimir Malevich.
urban fauna prints Canto IV ~ CVI-III - A trio of owls honour Lord Byron's long narrative poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimage.
urban fauna prints Ahuro Mowai - A London cabin retreat interior, featuring indigenous flora and fauna from New Zealand.
urban fauna prints Ozu Tofu - Six repainted film scenes, cut from Yasujiro Ozu's 1962 movie masterpiece An Autumn Afternoon.
Ten Years a Slave - a eulogy to Banksy's Slave Labour.
English National Opera - three production campaigns for the UK's largest contemporary opera company.
Carbon, Sulphur and Paint - presented through one man's pursuit of the greatest race in the world - the Tour de France, these works celebrate the cinematic sporting vista, and its heros.

All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2024.