follow 50 x 40cm
326 x 600mm Di-bond High Intensity Prismatic road sign. Flourescent spray paint. 
In a limited edition of 3 - 2 remaining. Each unique. Signed.
£750 £400

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For the 2014 Tour de France, Yorkshire County Council created new signage, distributed throughout the region, for both Stage 1 and 2 routes. This subverted Stage 1 revision was commissioned from the same production company (William Smith), with a reinterpretation of the original colourway and form.

Referencing the work of French street artist Clet Abraham, each sign has been stencilled with additional paintwork. These 'mischievous' Harry Binns reworkings pay homage to the famous 'Kilroy was here' graffiti form, created during World War II.

Cllr John Weighall, leader of Yorkshire County Council, and Gary Verity
(photo: Tom Swain/Welcome to Yorkshire).
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