Have you seen Harry?

#01 "You can't beat a generous cut of Parkin."

#02 "It's been a day of upside down smiles."

#03 "Last time I ad Camembert was autumn 1972."

#04 "Poetry and push bikes. What else."

#05 "A Doppio with an xtra shot boosts the palmares!"

#06 "'Amor Fati' said Nietzsche. Ees not wrong."

#07 "Wit nothing to lose, winning is easy."

#08 "Fantasy n reality. Nowt between 'em but a whippet's tail feathers."

#00 "Just ft reared… I never disappeared. I just didn't come back."

#10 "If you've not read Sartre's The Reprieve, you've only been drinkin the froth off ya pint. "

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