Readings From The Barometer Of Life - Prose

Constructivist portraiture; the rhythms of the natural world
The ghost of deconstructed, commodified non-human 
As monolithic yarns
As warped drapery
Enumerating the same tragic narrative.

A cascading inversion of second skin
Deliberate, decomposition of a codified species
Red list
stripped of its finder
Data no longer readable; the asset broken.

The lost language of string, chords, knots.
Suspended fragments of the endangered,
that cannot be read back
essence, and raw essentia, forever lost.
An encrypted tapestry; a suspended entropy.

Fabric; Twisted and tortured.
The Tailor and the Savage.
The existential threat
The construct of time.
Monumental epitaphs to The quintessence of dust.

This earth.
Tempting an audience with Lazarus
Our sixth mass extinction.
And the decline of enlightenment.
Evaporation; the essence of objects set against the nonsense of conflict.

Fragmentation of habitat
Pollution; in all its forms
Toxic waste.

Ocean acidification
Environmental degradation
Material consumption
Trophy hunters.


All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2024.