The Stanmore Mouflon

Spraypaint on canvas. 3 x 1.5 metres.
Funded by community members.

West Green is the centre of one of London's most culturally diverse neighbourhoods. This unique melting pot of residents and businesses blend to form a vibrant urban locality, which is cultured, creative and community focussed.
With a well-established Greek and Turkish district nearby, a special artwork is being created - one every bit as unique and individual.
The Cyprus mouflon (Ovis orientalis ophion), also known as an Agrino (from the Greek Αγρινό),  is a mammal that is sui generis to the island of Cyprus, found only within the mountainous state forest of Paphos. This protected species is symbolic within Cypriot culture, and has been depicted on vases and pottery going back to ancient times.

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