All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2022.


DRINK ME - Lewis Carroll's eponymous heroine Alice dyes her hair and entertains the toxicity of Wonderland.
Pysanka Shells - Delicate painted egg shells help provide aid to the humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine.
Spike - Tales from the hedgerow.
Tales from the river bank - A common kingfisher eyes the catch of the day from a perch in leafy north London.
urban fauna prints 25 Market Place - A two-phase commemorative window installation for an east coast fashion boutique.
urban fauna prints Return to Sender - An artful homage to Banky's iconic Girl with Balloon.
urban fauna prints Canto IV ~ CVI-III - A trio of owls honour Lord Byron's long narrative poem Childe Harold's Pilgrimage.
urban fauna prints Kaptan June's bounty - A conservation project in support of the Kaptan June Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation, based in Dalyan, Turkey.
urban fauna prints The Conspiracy - A family of ring-tailed lemurs overlook goings on in leafy north London.
urban fauna prints MERCY MERCY ME - A homage and endorsement of musician Marvin Gaye's environmentalist ideals.
urban fauna prints Warham Pettirosso - An urban robin broadcasts its song along the time-worn paving slabs of Haringey Passage.
urban fauna prints Shanti - A painted Indian elephant blows flowers from her trunk in salutation to Mrs Patel.
urban fauna prints Ahuro Mowai - A London cabin retreat interior, featuring indigenous flora and fauna from New Zealand.
urban fauna prints Sirdar Chit Chat - Three Chaffinches and a Sparrow start a conversation on a north London wall...
urban fauna prints Ozu Tofu - Six repainted film scenes, cut from Yasujiro Ozu's 1962 movie masterpiece An Autumn Afternoon.
urban fauna prints Let's Stay Together [The Mandarin] - a street art commission for Tottenham, London.
urban fauna prints Readings from The Barometer of Life - A contemporary tapestry, raising awareness for endangered species, climate change and the sixth mass extinction.
Pride and the Peacock. - The national bird of India introduces a bold splash of colour to an urban side street in Tottenham.
A Rhino in The Herb Garden - An ecology project in association with North Harringay Primary School, London.
urban fauna prints A Rendezvous with Mrs Booth - a private commission featuring the Margate Harbour and the Turner Contemporary Gallery.
An Objective Abstract - a special interior installation commissioned by Architecture and Design practice Coppin Dockray, invoking the work Kazimir Malevich.
When The Fox met The Rooster. And Other Stories. - A special commission in partnership with The British Embassy, Luxembourg, celebrating the Tour de France.
HARK - An urban art campaign commission for an east coast clothing boutique.
Carbon, Sulphur and Paint - presented through one man's pursuit of the greatest race in the world - the Tour de France, these works celebrate the cinematic sporting vista, and its heros.
The Kirkgate Triptych - A bold composition incorporating a variety of historical visual reference points sourced from around Kirkgate Market, Leeds.
DECONSTRUCTED REGENERATION - a commission project with St Modwen, using abstract building blocks, cut from the negative spaces.
urban fauna prints URBAN FAUNA - a limited edition print series of endangered animals, placed on London walls.
Pantera pardus. - A big cat, raising awareness for the plight of all endangered species across the planet.
urban fauna prints This little piggy... - an artwork in support of Farm Sanctuary.
urban fauna prints Time & Tide - A public art commission installed at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London.
Coastal Chic - a special commission for a boutique store in Southwold, Suffolk.
sKATE - Appropriating Peter Lindbergh’s iconic Kate Moss photograph within an urban street art context.
54 - a skate deck portrait series commemorating New York's iconic Studio 54 nightclub.
COMMISSIONS - well-researched, contextually specific artistic solutions, for a broad array of clients. For enquiries click HERE
MITOLOGIA ITALIANA - An exploration of the Italian cultural landscape, from 1909 to 1960; a work of fiction.
FABER - A commission featuring the 1909 Tour de France victor Francois Faber.
36 VIEWS OF PENTIRE - A contemporary reappropriation of the iconic Under the Wave off Kanagawa, by Hokusai. 
Verses On A Butterfly - A modern diptych, based on the poem by Joseph Warton - Verses On A Butterfly (1806).
LE TOUR - a broad, and complete monogram; a major solo exhibition on the Tour de France, with an accompanying book published by Rapha.
LE TOUR Book - to accompany the Tour de France London exhibition, this hardback book was published by Rapha Racing, with a forward by British cyclist David Millar. Available to buy HERE.
100e - an allegorical monograph commemorating 100 editions of the Tour de France.Using Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost as a thematic schema, this series traces the evolution of universal ideas.
English National Opera - three production campaigns for the UK's largest contemporary opera company.
Citius. Altius. Fortius - in celebration of the Summer Olympics held in London, 2012, these works revisit the great and good of past medal winners.
Chroma and the Defining Moment - The ‘Chroma’ collection celebrates iconic moments from the world of sport, with Straffon collaborating with legendary sports photographer Gerry Cranham.

All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2022.

James Straffon

James Straffon is an acclaimed British artist, who lives and works in London.

He works across a wide range of media, creating large-scale public art installations,
private commissions and gallery exhibitions. 

He is co-founder, and lead artist of the Turnpike Art Group.
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All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2022.


DECONSTRUCTED REGENERATION subverts the idiom that pictures are worth a thousand words, by taking two simple phrases and forming a complete series of interrelated, texturally-rich artworks.

Understanding that the core practice of the client was linked to construction and spatial repurposing, James Straffon created some proxy recreation of that ideology - breaking down the pure essence of the engineered space - reducing this into abstract building blocks, cut from the negative spaces that the typographic landscape formed.

These planes of colour became the language by which the series evolved.

This body of work functions as a tapestry of inner and outer pieces, with the wireframe, closed-room pieces functioning as blueprints for the larger artworks which populate the more communal, public spaces - this two-way symbiosis lies at the heart of this body of work, where new life is formed through reinterpretation of existing space. Additional the artist strove to impart some sense of time, and urban exposure, through the use of multi-layers of gestural paint, combined with the vulnerability of the inner city wall-space and its acceptance of random expressionism, such as graffiti.

All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2022.


From individual works on canvas to entertainment industry production campaigns, interior and exterior installations to audio-tech product launches, James Straffon has worked with a broad array of clients, creating well-researched, contextually specific artistic solutions. His ability to work closely and thoughtfully to release a project's potential has resulted in an expanding collection of unique artworks.

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Skateboard artwork of Kate Moss by artist James Straffon
Skateboard artwork of Keith Haring by artist James Straffon
Skateboard artwork of Patti Smith by artist James Straffon


All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2022.