Thirty-five tales


Thirty-five tales.

Limited edition of 35. Signed and numbered.
Hahnemühle German Etching pigment print.
42 x 29cm.


£35 from each sale will go directly to Farm Sanctuary in recognition of their thirty-five years providing a sanctuary to farm animals.

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Farm Sanctuary fights the disastrous effects of animal agriculture on animals, the environment, social justice, and public health through rescue, education, and advocacy.

Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming, advocate for institutional reforms, and encourage a new awareness and understanding of farm animals and the benefits of cruelty-free, plant-based living. In recent years, science has confirmed the inhumane and destructive impact of animal agriculture — a food system based on interrelated oppression and injustice.

As the founding farm animal Sanctuary in the U.S., Farm Sanctuary has rescued and provided refuge for countless survivors of the animal agriculture system. Today, at Farm Sanctuary’s Los Angeles, CA and Watkins Glen, NY Sanctuaries you will find nearly 1,000 rescued animals—each with an individual story to tell. These survivors are ambassadors, representing the billions of farm animals currently in the system. They, and others like them, have changed the hearts and minds of a generation.

All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2021.

This little piggy...

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All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2021.