Hi Diddle Riddle

Hi Diddle Riddle
38 x 31cm
Mixed media on card. Acrylic double-tray-frame.

Elvis releases Love Letters, Frankie and Johnny, Tell Me Why and If Every Day Was Like Christmas. He proposes to Priscilla Beaulieu.

Bob Dylan released the seminal rock album Blonde on Blonde, which featured the hit single Just Like A Woman. His World Tour takes his band to The Royal Albert Hall for two gigs on 26th and 27th May. A week earlier, whilst performing at Manchester's Free Trade Hall, emotions spill over, when impassioned folk-follower Keith Butler expresses his disgust with Dylan’s embracing of a more ‘electronic’ sound, by shouting "Judas!" from the stalls. Dylan’s response was "I don't believe you. You're a liar!"

Roy Orbison released the album The Classic Roy Orbison. He visited the UK to promote the single “Twinkle Toes”, with support by The Walker Brothers, The Marionettes and Lulu. A ticket for the Front Stalls at the Odeon Theatre Leeds cost 15/-.

The Batman television series, starring Adam West, debuts on ABC. In the first episode, Commissioner Gordon declares “I don't know who he is beneath that mask of his, but I know when we need him, and we need him now!” One hundred and twenty episodes were produced. A film based on the television show, Batman, was also released in 1966.

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