The fine points

IN December 2016, HM Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, John Marshall commissioned the British artist James Straffon to explore the concept of an art exhibition, expanding on Straffon’s previous collections devoted to the Tour de France and its vibrant history. This new series would be presented both as an exhibition of large-scale original artworks, and also as a broad array of street artworks located across Luxembourg’s capital and neighbouring communes. Straffon’s response was to provide a new narrative for this extraordinary race - telling the story of the Tour through the eyes of an intrepid fox. This fabler came into being after the artist’s research into Luxembourg’s rich literary history arrived at Michel Rodange, and his national epic, Renert [Renert oder de Fuuß am Frack an a Ma’nsgrëßt], which was published in 1872. Straffon decided to re-engage Renert in a curious, and enlightening act of wanderlust - unearthing the bizarre and remarkable stories wrapped up in the folklore and mythology of the Tour de France, retold through the fox’s chance meetings with its many colourful contenders.

The When The Fox met The Rooster project, with its various associated components,
is indebted to the following sponsorship and support:

HM Ambassador John Marshall and the staff at the British Embassy
Ms Claire Jordan
Ville de Luxembourg
Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy
Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Luxembourg Ministry of Sport
Luxembourg Ministry of Tourism
GreatArt, Alton, Hampshire, UK
Barry Hoban
Basic & Bespoke, Luxembourg
Honey / Mustard, Luxembourg
Bar Rocas, Luxembourg

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