Selected from specific exhibitions, the tabs below provide an opportunity to own James Straffon original artworks, limited edition prints or published books.

Each connects to a new page, featuring detailed images, and pricing.
For buying enquiries and orders send an email HERE.

A limited edition print.

Return to Sender 
A limited edition print.

The Conspiracy. 
A limited edition print.

A limited edition print.

Flood. A sign. 
With global warming set to hit to 3C, flooding will redraw the map of the world.

Don't Be Koi 
A limited edition print depicting the unbalanced tao of global water through dumped plastic and toxins.

Let's Stay Together [The Mandarin] 
A limited edition print.

A limited edition print series featuring endangered animals placed on London walls.

Studio 54 
A series of vintage skate decks featuring icons of the New York club scene.

Pride and The Peacock 
A limited edition print.

On Yeah? Wham!  
A series of anchor tattoo artworks as part of the Coastal Chic project.

Seraph Series  
Angelic artworks on canvas,
for the wall or altar.
HARK #1-15  
A special series of hand sprayed
prints produced as part of
the Angels of Southwold project.

An iconic photograph of an acclaimed British fashion model repurposed.

When The Fox met The Rooster 
A limited edition print series taken 
from the sellout exhibition at
the British Embassy Luxembourg.
An exploration of the Italian
Cultural landscape; a work of 
fiction for modern times.

A unique collection of limited edition
prints celebrating the 100th edition of
the Tour de France [2013].
Published by Rapha racing, as a
lavish accompaniment to the
LE TOUR exhibition.

A concise suite of mixed media  artworks featuring significant  cultural icons from 1966.

The Blank Canvas 
The artist is available to create bespoke artworks to fit the client's desired brief.
If you have an idea for a street art piece, or personal commission for a portrait etc, send an email.

All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2024.