DECONSTRUCTED REGENERATION subverts the idiom that pictures are worth a thousand words, by taking two simple phrases and forming a complete series of interrelated, texturally-rich artworks.

Understanding that the core practice of the client was linked to construction and spatial repurposing, James Straffon created some proxy recreation of that ideology - breaking down the pure essence of the engineered space - reducing this into abstract building blocks, cut from the negative spaces that the typographic landscape formed.

These planes of colour became the language by which the series evolved.

This body of work functions as a tapestry of inner and outer pieces, with the wireframe, closed-room pieces functioning as blueprints for the larger artworks which populate the more communal, public spaces - this two-way symbiosis lies at the heart of this body of work, where new life is formed through reinterpretation of existing space. Additional the artist strove to impart some sense of time, and urban exposure, through the use of multi-layers of gestural paint, combined with the vulnerability of the inner city wall-space and its acceptance of random expressionism, such as graffiti.

All artwork, text and images © James Straffon 2024.